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  • Mercedes-Benz Ranks Twelfth Among Best Global Brands in 2011

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    Most people already know that Mercedes-Benz is known as the world’s most valuable premium auto brand.  However, some of you may be surprised to hear that not only are they one of the top luxury car brands, but they also are ranked 12th among Best Global Brands in 2011.  Mercedes-Benz is considered to be the most valuable European brand and 12th worldwide across all global brands.  Their brand equity rose 9% this year over 2010 and has continuously increased since 2009.  Mercedes-Benz has the highest customer satisfaction score compared to all other auto brands, which attributes to most of their success.

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    Mercedes-Benz Ranks Twelfth Among Best Global Brands in 2011

    Source: eMercedesBenz

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